PopMatters review


Amy Speace: How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat
by Colin McGuire

“…the maturation between Amy Speace’s 2010 [sic] 12 song Lilith Fair ready set, Land Like A Bird, and 2013′s most recent country/folk influenced How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat might very well be the single greatest leap an indie artist takes this year between what once was and what now is. The differences between the two incarnations are subtle—yes, that Judy Collins-esque voice is still fully intact, and yes, the songwriter can still lay on the poignancy with her vivid storytelling and emotive tones—but just because those tiny changes might be hard to find doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Indeed, this 11-song collection is a reintroduction of the most promising kind.” (click above for full review)

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