MOJO Magazine 4 star review!

Mojo Magazine is one of Britain’s premiere music mags.

Dave Marsh has provided the liner notes to this release, which is annoying because he’s so perceptive and says all the things this reviewer was about to mention. Like…Stormy Boat being a genuine album, with 11 real songs aboard, some hinting at Anglo-Celtic balladry while others could stem from some previously unheard Sondheim show. Or commenting on the subtlety of Amy Speace’s vocal approach, delicate but smoldering. The probability is that both of us were immediately grabbed by such pearls as THe Fortunate Ones, a quietly spirited opening anthem likely to raise thoughts of Judy Collins, or maybe Hesitate, on which Speace finally lets loose, providing an assured curtain-closer for quiet night people, if ever I heard one. Whatever, Dave Marsh and I are as one. That Nashville-tethered storm boat is a great place to be. (Fred Dellar)

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